About the school

Holmesdale’s student population is approximately 1000.  We are therefore big enough to provide a variety of learning experiences yet not so big that the school becomes overwhelming to young people. The pastoral structure of the school has recently been further refined and improved. It still provides 4 strong mini communities; through an effective house system, with excellent staff and the tutor as the key point of contact for parents, yet the new tutor structure provides further leadership opportunities to which our students respond very well.

Our curriculum is truly comprehensive and diverse. It offers acceleration and significant challenge within a supportive climate. As a Technology College we focus on the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which are recognised to be a national skill shortage. At Holmesdale however we refer to this as STEEM, to include English and ensure it is highly valued. We also recognise the importance of cultural and sporting opportunities; excellence is celebrated in these disciplines, which bring a balance of opportunity, within a curriculum which includes the English Baccalaureate and vocational courses.

Students work together to learn transferrable skills developed in Years 7 and 8 through a personalised learning and thinking skills framework, alongside leadership, literacy, numeracy and ICT. At Key stage 4, a three year programme (Years 9-11), students also develop skills such as resilience and rigour and in the sixth form this remains a priority; as students consider employability skills. We know these essential skills, in addition to excellent academic and vocational qualifications, support our students to take the next transitional step successfully; be it into university or employment with training such as high quality apprenticeships.

Holmesdale Technology College is part of the Malling Holmesdale Federation and the Mid Kent Learning Alliance. The Malling Holmesdale Federation also has trust partners; local, national and international employers and universities. Holmesdale has its own unique priorities and values, yet is also able to offer students and staff a broader experience through its network of links.