Hair Academy

Holmesdale Hair & Beauty Academy

Since May 2009 we are very proud at Holmesdale to offer this exciting opportunity to our students.

From year 11 through to year 13 our students are able to gain an insight into the hairdressing industry and some of the great skills that are needed to be occupationally competent in the hairdressing world.

In Year 12 our students will work on an NVQ level 2 to become a qualified competent hairdresser that will allow all learners to progress in the hairdressing, fashion and media world.

Opening up career opportunities such as:
Salon stylist, Photographic work for magazines, Television work, Fashion/Catwalk, Film’s and theatre work, Salon /business owner, Hairdressing show/seminars.

For more information, please see Mrs C Excell in the Salon

Hair Academy