Year 7

Our integrated programme of language and literature enables students from Year 7 to develop their knowledge and skills to help them prepare for the demands of the 9-1 GCSE curriculum and beyond. Students study a variety of units - all of which are challenging and engaging- covering a variety of texts and genres. These units reflect components of the GCSE curriculum.

Scheme of Learning overview:
• Term 1 Treasure Island: literary heritage study
• Term 2 Survival theme: reading non-fiction texts and transactional writing
• Term 3 Gothic Fiction: genre study
• Term 4 ‘Alter Ego’ theme: characterisation study and writing imaginatively
• Term 5 Suspense fiction: genre study
• Term 6 Poetry through the Ages: literary heritage study

Year 8

We continue to develop students’ appreciation of a range of traditional and modern literature, increasing their understanding of the importance of context. Our language units consolidate skills in reading analytically, writing purposefully and accurately.

Scheme of Learning overview:

• Term 1 The Hunger Games: modern fiction study
• Term 2 Dickens’ The Signalman: literary heritage study
• Term 3 Transactional writing: writing to inform, explain & persuade
• Term 4 Narrative Poetry: literary heritage study
• Term 5 Spy Fiction: genre study
• Term 6 Short Story: genre study

Year 9

Texts studied in Year 9 will be more challenging and students will be expected to respond to these texts in an increasingly engaged and independent manner. They will produce analytical reading responses, as well as imaginative and transactional, extended writing.
Scheme of  Learning overview:

• Term 1 Dystopian fiction: genre study
• Term 2 Animal Farm: literary heritage study
• Term 3 Current Affairs: transactional writing: inform, explain, persuade
• Term 4  Love and War poetry: literary heritage study
• Term 5  Travel Writing: transactional writing: describe
• Term 6  Romeo and Juliet

Key Stage 4

Students follow the Edexcel GCSE Language and GCSE Literature specifications. Assessment is by examination only. An overview of the examination assessment scheme is as follows:



Paper 1 – 40% of GCSE

Section A – Unseen 19th Century texts

Section B – Creative Writing



Paper 2 – 60% of GCSE

Section A – Comparison of two unseen texts from the 20th/21stcentury

Section B – Transactional Writing

Paper 1 – 50% of GCSE

Section A – Shakespeare

Section B – Post-1914 British Drama or Fiction


Paper 2 – 50% of GCSE

Section A – 19th Century Fiction

Section B - Poetry

Year 10

During this year, students are prepared for the following components in the four examinations:





Paper 2: analysing non-fiction unseen extracts and Transactional Writing

Shakespeare: ‘Macbeth’



Paper 1: analysing 19th Century fiction unseen extracts. Imaginative writing

Poetry:  Study of 15 poems from ‘Conflict’ section of the Edexcel anthology



5 6

Paper 2: analysing non-fiction texts. Transactional writing


Post 1914 Century: ‘An Inspector Calls’

Year 11

Year 11 students will continue their study of English Literature and Language over the course of the year, as well as revising what they have already studied. Additionally, students will also be completing their Spoken Language Unit, which is a mandatory component of the GCSE course but does not contribute to the overall grade in Language. Instead, students are awarded a separate certificate.





19th Fiction.  19th Century extracts.  Creative Writing – linked to 19th Century fiction.

‘A Christmas Carol’



Spoken Language Unit

Revision of ‘Macbeth’ and ‘An Inspector Calls.’



Non-fiction texts and Transactional writing.


Poetry Revision for ‘Conflict cluster.’


 Revision of both papers.

Revision of both papers.


Key Stage 5

Students follow the AQA A Level English Literature A specification. There is a coursework option which allows students to develop their independent research and wider reading skills.

Students study:
Love through the Ages poetry
War poetry
My Boy Jack: Haig
Birdsong: Faulks
Great Gatsby: Fitzgerald

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