Year 7

Systems and Control is one of the 4 learning areas in the Design and Technology rotation. Students are introduced to systems thinking and concepts of input, process and output. Students learn to use a hammer, saw and pillar drill. They use computer aided design to prepare a part to be laser cut. They learn to solder electronic components. They learn to recognise and name fundamental components.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1/2/3/4: Design, make and evaluate a LED display that automatically lights up when dark.

Year 8

Systems and Control is one of the 4 learning areas in the Design and Technology rotation. Students develop their systems thinking and concepts of input, process and output. They program an electronic board using flowchart symbols and connect sensors and actuators to make a desired effect take place.

Systems and Control in year 8 is an introduction and preparation to Engineering in Key Stage 4.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1/2/3/4: Investigate, program and connect electronic building blocks to control a range of increasingly complex systems (alarm, greenhouse, ferriswheel, light/sound sequence, robot vehicle, animatronics)

Years 9, 10 and 11

BTEC  Level 1 / 2 Award Engineering is a one-year course in year 9 or can be taken over two years during years 10&11.

The course aims to teach students about the wide world of Engineering and the activities that take place in it. This course is not a ‘traditional  hands-on course’; students learn to investigate, discuss and analyse engineered products in general and make their own electronic circuits as a specialism.

Progression routes are to study GCSE Product Design in years 10 and 11 or to study Level 3 BTEC Nationals Engineering in years 12 and 13.

Scheme of Work Summary: EDEXCEL

  • Unit 1: The Engineered World. Looking at different Engineering sectors; tools, materials and processes; scales of production; environmental issues and sustainability. This unit is assessed via a mandatory external exam.
  • Unit 2: Engineered Products. Why are products made in the way they are? What decisions did designers and engineers make to be able to make the product to high accuracy and consistent performance? This unit is internally assessed.
  • Unit 8: Electronic Circuit Design and Construction. Students continue their work on systems approaches from year 8 and make 4 electronic circuits. This unit is internally assessed.

Years 12 and 13

Level 3 BTEC Nationals Engineering.

Students will have achieved a B or higher in GCSE Product Design and/or Level 2 BTEC Engineering. They will also be strong mathematicians and scientists and able to express themselves well in written and spoken English.

This course prepares the students for technical studies at a university, for an apprenticeship or for direct employment in an Engineering sector.

The course is broad and varied to give a solid foundation for further specialism after Key Stage 5

Scheme of Work Summary: EDEXCEL

  • Unit1: Health& Safety in the Workplace
  • Unit 4: Mathematics for Technicians
  • Unit 6: Electrical & Electronic Principles
  • Unit 10: Engineering Materials
  • Unit16: Engineering Drawing for Technicians
  • Unit 31: Computer Aided Manufacturing

All units are internally assessed. 

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