Physical Education

In Year 7 our students have access to a wide range of sports from gymnastics during the ‘movement' pathway to tennis and rugby in the ‘outwitting opponents' pathway. We encourage the students to identify the key teaching points of the different sports and then go on to demonstrate them successfully.

Scheme of Work Summary:

Term 1 - Skills
Term 2 - Movement
Term 3 - Outwitting Opponents
Term 4 - Skills 2
Term 5 - Personal Challenges
Term 6 - Striking and Fielding

Year 8

In Year 8 our students develop their skills from Year 7 and learn to apply them in an effective way to help them achieve high levels in the curriculum. We encourage the students to explain how and why they are performing to ensure a better understanding of the sport they are participating in.

Physical Education is taught with set content in the first two terms. The pathway curriculum in terms 3 and 4 allow pupils to choose either the Aesthetics (Gymnastics, Dance, Trampolining) or Games (Football, Netball, Rugby etc.) pathway.

Scheme of Work Summary:

Terms 1 & 2 - Skills
Terms 3 & 4 - Pathways
Terms 5 &6 - Personal Challenges/Striking and Fielding

Year 9

In Year

9 students have developed their skills level and are now able to observe and conduct peers and self-assessment. From these observations students are able to evaluate and analyse performance to highlight strengths and areas for improvement. Students offer each other constructive feedback to help them improve further.

Physical Education is taught in pathways that change each term.

Scheme of Work Summary:

Terms 1 & 2 - Skills
Terms 3 & 4 - Pathways
Terms 5 &6 - Personal Challenges/Striking and Fielding

Year 10

In Year 10 our students have developed their knowledge of how to run a sports activity session. From leading a warm up to umpiring a match, we give the students the opportunity to engage in Sports Education and experience sport as a whole rather than simply a game. For those who relish the challenges that arise from Sports Education, they can then develop their skills and partake in the Level 1 Sports Leaders course.

The Year 10 curriculum follows a similar pattern to Key Stage 3, with some additional content to enhance previously learnt skills as well as introducing sports leadership.

Scheme of Work Summary:

Term 1 - Sports Education 
Term 2 - Movement (Girls)/Net and Wall(Boys)
Term 3 - Sports Education
Term 4 - Sports Education or Sports Leadership
Term 5 - Personal Challenges or Sports Leadership
Term 6 - Striking and Fielding or Sports Leadership

Year 11

To ensure lifelong participation, we give the students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of sports. This enables the students to experience different sports which will be accessible to them in their future.

Scheme of  Work Summary:

The Year 11 curriculum allows students to choose options, mapping their own curriculum. Students can change their option on a termly basis, choosing from the following activities:

Ice Skating
5-a-side football
Ten Pin Bowling
Local Walking
Sports Leadership
Xbox – Dance and Fitness

Useful Websites Physical Education – BTEC Sport and GCSE PE - Department for Education and Skills - English Federation of Disability Sport - Sport England - Sports Coach UK - UK Sport                       - Womens Sports Foundation - Youth Sport Trust - Teach PE - Brian Mac Sports Coach             - Sports Leaders UK - GCSE PE – Revision Tool - Human Anatomy

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