Sports Studies

This subject may be taught over one or two years at Key Stage 4

Years 9, 10 and 11

The Edexcel BTEC level 2 First Award in Sport encourages personal development through practical participation and performance in a range of sports and exercise activities. The course gives learners a wider understanding and appreciation of health-related fitness, sports and exercise through a selection of specialist units. Students are encouraged to develop their people, communication, planning and team-working skills.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Unit 1 - Fitness for Sport and Exercise: Know about the components of fitness and the principles of training, explore different fitness training methods and investigate fitness testing to determine fitness levels.
  • Unit 2 - Practical Sports Performance: Understand the rules, regulations and scoring systems for selected sports, practically demonstrate skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports and be able to review sports performance.
  • Unit 5 – Training for Personal Fitness: Design a personal fitness training programme, know about exercise adherence factors and strategies for continued training success, implement a self-designed personal fitness training programme to achieve own goals and objectives, review a personal fitness training programme.
  • Unit 6 - Leading Sports Activities: Know the attributes associated with successful sports leadership, undertake the planning and leading of sports activities and review the planning and leading of sports activities.

Years 12 and 13

These BTEC qualifications in Sport provide an introduction to the sector for learners looking to build a career in sport, within one of its occupational areas. These areas include careers in exercise and fitness, coaching and leadership, sports development and the outdoors

The BTEC qualifications in this specification have been developed to:

  • Give students the opportunity to enter employment in the sport and active leisure sector or to progress to higher education.
  • Give students the opportunity to develop a range of techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in working life.

Scheme of Work Summary: BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport Year 12

  • Unit 1: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport: The aim of this unit is to explore the structure and function of the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and also to learn the fundamentals of the energy systems.
  • Unit 2: The Physiology of Fitness: This unit provides an opportunity for learners to explore the body’s response to acute exercise and how the body adapts to long-term exercise participation.
  • Unit 3: Assessing Risk in Sport: The aim of this unit is to make the learner explicitly aware of the vital nature of risk assessment and its management within the sports industry.
  • Unit 4: Fitness Training and Programming: The aim of this unit is for learners to be able to plan fitness training sessions and design fitness training programmes.
  • Unit 6: Sport Development: The aim of this unit is to provide the learner with an overview of the principles of sports development, the key agencies involved and to provide practical examples of current practice.
  • Unit  7: Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise: The aim of this unit is to enable learners to gain an understanding of fitness testing and the importance of health screening and health monitoring tests.
  • Unit 8: Practical Team Sports: The aim of this unit is to enable learners to explore the skills, techniques, tactics and rules of team sports through practical participation.
  • Unit 9: Practical Individual Sports: The aim of this unit is to enable learners to explore the skills, techniques, tactics and rules of individual sports through active participation.
  • Unit 12: Current issues in Sport:The aim of this unit is to enable learners to explore the history of sport, the key issues in modern UK sport and the factors that prevent sport and exercise participation.

At the end of Year 12 pupils will have achieved the Subsidiary Diploma in Sport.

Scheme of Work Summary: BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport Year 13

  • Unit 5 Sports Coaching: The aim of this unit is to develop a learners understanding and knowledge of the roles, responsibilities, skills and techniques of a sports coach and how to apply them whilst coaching and/or leading sports sessions.
  • Unit 13: Leadership in Sport: The aim of this unit is to examine the characteristics of effective sport or exercise leadership and to give learners the opportunity to demonstrate own planning and delivery of a sport or exercise session.
  • Unit 14: Exercise, Health and Lifestyle: The aim of this unit is for the learners to be able to assess the lifestyle of an individual and provide advice on lifestyle improvement.
  • Unit 23: Organising Sports Events: This unit will enable learners to plan, deliver and review a sports event.

There is also time built into the curriculum for pupils to re-visit previous units in order to make improvements and achieve higher grades.

At the end of Year 13 students will have topped up their Subsidiary Diploma to the full Diploma in Sport.

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