Year 7

In Year 7 we aim to teach students the necessary skills to work with confidence, taking pride in what they achieve and producing work to a high standard. 

Students develop their skills in using a wide range of media including drawing, painting, collage, and printmaking. Students will improve their understanding of a range of artists who focus on still life and landscapes before we move into portraiture.

Scheme of Work Summary:

Term 1 -  Colour Theory and Tone

Term 2 – Formal elements in art / Giorgio Morandi

Term 3 – Still Life and Gridding

Term 4 – Still Life and Gridding

Term 5 – Portraiture

Term 6 – Alternative Portraiture


Year 8

In Year 8 we build upon skills and extend students subject knowledge in a range of media including drawing, painting, printing and relief work.

Students continue developing their artist knowledge by looking at artists who focus on cultural art and natural forms.

Scheme of Work Summary:

Term 1  -  Observational Drawing

Term 2 – Aboriginal Art

Term 3  - Perspective

Term 4 – Perspective

Term 5 - Printmaking

Term 6 –  Art Genres


Year 9

In year 9 students will undertake project work drawing upon skills gained in year 8 and 9. They will develop projects using research skills before undertaking work in response to a theme.

At the end of this year pupils have the option of staying in Art to undertake the BTEC First level 1 and 2 in Art and Design.

Term 1 - Juxtaposition

Term 2 – Renaissance and Clay Sculpture

Term 3 – Book making / Mixed Media

Term 4 – Book making / Mixed Media

Term 5 – Collage and Artist Interpretations

Term 6 – Portfolio Building and Presentation (Theme: Landscapes)


Year 10

The students who opted in at the end of Year 9 will complete their BTEC First level 1 and 2 in Art and Design. This will be the first year of a two-year course taking them through to the end of year 11. The course is 100% coursework based 75% is set internally and 25% is set externally by Pearson Edexcel.

Term 1 to 3                - Unit 1: Introduction to specialist pathways in Art and Design

Term 4 and 5             - Unit 3: Communicating ideas in 2D

Term 6                        - Unit 5: Building an Art and Design Portfolio


Year 11

Year 11 will see the skill pupils have developed through sustained investigations come to a close. At the beginning of the year pupils will complete their 75% internally set assignments in anticipation for their externally set task.

Their external controlled assignment will be issued in Term 3 and end with a 10 hour controlled assessment.

Term 1 and 2 – Unit 5: Building an Art and Design Portfolio

Term 3 to 5 – Unit 2: Creative project in Art and Design.


Year 13

Year 13 students are in their final year of their Level 3 National Extended Certificate. Students will work towards their overall assessment grade by completing a further two internal units. Students are a liberty to choose one unit themselves at this stage. Unit 3 is mandatory the optional units are shown below.

At the end of year 13, pupils will be asked to present their work in a gallery type setting as they host an event that showcases work to the public.

Term 1 to 3 – Unit 3: The creative process (Internal mandatory unit)

Term 4 and 5 – Optional unit (see below)

Unit 9 – Photographic materials, techniques and processes.

Unit 12 – Fine Art materials, techniques and processes

Unit 13 – 3D Design materials, techniques and processes

Term 6 – Exhibition set up and private view.

Useful Links - Art

Some good websites for images and galleries which would add to the artist knowledge and have some drawings information are:


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