Year 7

French is the main modern foreign language taught at Holmesdale. Students study two lessons of French per week.  The Key Stage 3 course in Year 7 revolves around the Expo 1 course book, the emphasis being on the four key skills for language learning - listening, speaking, reading and writing and also developing new vocabulary into longer sentences and being able to extend sentences and give simple opinions.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 C’est Parti - Introductions, give your age, birthday, talk about the classroom.
  • Term 2 Famille et Copains - Talk about your family and pets, describe your hair and eyes.
  • Term 3 Chez Moi - Talk about where you live, your house and bedroom, and what you do in the evening.
  • Term 4 On Va En Ville - Talk about your local area, give simple directions and simple opinions.
  • Term 5 Ma Journée - Talk about your routine, school subjects, and what you do after school.
  • Term 6 On S’Amuse - Talk about free time activities, sports, and leisure.

Year 8

Students continue to study two lessons of French per week and move onto the Expo 2 course book. As well as continuing to focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, in year 8 there is a greater emphasis on developing vocabulary, grammar and understanding longer texts.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 Famille et Domicile - Revision of talking about yourself and family, talk about jobs, describe the weather.
  • Term 2 Temps Libre - Talk about what you do in your free time, describe what you did last weekend using the past tense.
  • Term 3 Les Sorties - Respond to invitations, describe clothes, use the past tense to say where you went
  • Term 4 Manger et Boire - Talk about food and drink, eating out and preparing for a party.
  • Term 5 Voyages et Vacances - Talk about different countries, languages, types of holidays and describe a previous holiday.
  • Term 6 Les Copains - Talking about friends and your future plans.

Year 9

Students continue their study of French by increasing their vocabulary, moving onto the Expo3 textbook. The emphasis is still on grammar, together with understanding longer texts and producing more detailed paragraphs.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 Ça t’interesse? – Talk about what you watch on TV, going to the cinema, what you like reading, what you did last weekend and describe yourself and others
  • Term 2 L’avenir – Talking about the future, future careers and what you are going to do and discussing why languages are important
  • Term 3 En bonne sante – Talking about illness, saying what is wrong, talking about healthy living and giving advice
  • Term 4 Les gens comme nous – Describing other people and understanding information about people
  • Term 5 On y va ! – Learning about a region of France, arranging hotel accommodation, describing travel arrangements and describing a visit to an attraction.
  • Term 6 Les droits des jeunes – Looking at schools in different countries, learning about religion in France and talking about world issues.


Year 10 & 11

Students who have opted for GCSE French begin a two-year course with accreditation from the AQA Exam Board.  The syllabus is divided into examination in the four skills of listening (25% final exam), speaking (25%), reading (25% final exam), and writing (25% final exam)

Students work from the Studio course book.

Language learning becomes more sophisticated, with students building on Key Stage 3 topics, learning to use different tenses and respond to different situations with increasing confidence.

Scheme of Work Summary: Year 10

  • Term 1 – Revision of places in town, activities, times and family members. Talk about friend and family relationships. Make arrangements to go out. Describe a day out.
  • Term 2 – Revision of leisure activities and films. Talk about sports, technology and television programmes. Discuss reading habits and music..
  • Term 3 – Talk about food and meals. Discuss clothes and what to wear. Describe festivals, traditions and family celebrations.
  • Term 4 – Talk about where you live. Revise places in a town. Describe a region. Discuss plans and the weather. Talk about your town, village or neighbourhood.
  • Terms 5 and 6 – Talk about what you normally do on holiday. Talk about travelling. Say what you do and did on holiday. Order in a restaurant. Talk about holiday disasters.


Scheme of Work Summary: Year 11

  • Term 1 – Revision of school subjects. Talk about timetable. Give opinions on school subjects. Talk about your school and school in France. Discuss rules and regulations. Discuss healthy and unhealthy living. Talk about school activities. Talk about success at school.
  • Term 2- Talk about jobs. Discuss work preferences. Talk about plans, hopes and wishes. Talk about how you earn your money. Discuss work experience.
  • Term 3 – Discuss the weather and natural disasters. Discuss ethical shopping. Talk about volunteering. Discuss big events.
  • Terms 4 – Preparation for speaking exam. Revision for Listening, Reading and Writing exam.
  • Term 5 – Preparation for Listening, Reading and Writing Exam

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