Year 7

French is the main modern foreign language taught at Holmesdale. Students study either one or two lessons of French per week.  The Key Stage 3 course in Year 7 revolves around the Expo 1 course book, the emphasis being on the four key skills for language learning - listening, speaking, reading and writing and also developing new vocabulary into longer sentences and being able to extend sentences and give simple opinions.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 C’est Parti - Introductions, give your age, birthday, talk about the classroom.
  • Term 2 Famille et Copains - Talk about your family and pets, describe your hair and eyes.
  • Term 3 Chez Moi - Talk about where you live, your house and bedroom, and what you do in the evening.
  • Term 4 On Va En Ville - Talk about your local area, give simple directions and simple opinions.
  • Term 5 Ma Journée - Talk about your routine, school subjects, and what you do after school.
  • Term 6 On S’Amuse - Talk about free time activities, sports, and leisure.

Year 8

Students continue to study either one or two lessons of French per week and move onto the Expo 2 course book. As well as continuing to focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, in year 8 there is a greater emphasis on developing vocabulary, grammar and understanding longer texts.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 Famille et Domicile - Revision of talking about yourself and family, talk about jobs, describe the weather.
  • Term 2 Temps Libre - Talk about what you do in your free time, describe what you did last weekend using the past tense.
  • Term 3 Les Sorties - Respond to invitations, describe clothes, use the past tense to say where you went
  • Term 4 Manger et Boire - Talk about food and drink, eating out and preparing for a party.
  • Term 5 Voyages et Vacances - Talk about different countries, languages, types of holidays and describe a previous holiday.
  • Term 6 Les Copains - Talking about friends and your future plans.

Year 9 and 10

Students who have opted for GCSE French begin a two-year course with accreditation from the WJEC Exam Board.  The syllabus is divided into examination in the four skills of listening (20% final exam), speaking (30% Controlled Assessment), reading (20% final exam), and writing (30% Controlled Assessment)

Students work from the GCSE Expo 4 course book.

Language learning becomes more sophisticated, with students building on Key Stage 3 topics, learning to use different tenses and respond to different situations with increasing confidence.

Scheme of Work Summary: Year 9

  • Term 1 Talk about yourself and your family. Preparation for Controlled Assessment Writing – All About Me.
  • Term 2 Talk about free time plans and special occasions. Refer to the past and future.
  • Term 3 Talk about your local area and where you live. Preparation for Controlled Assessment Speaking – My Favourite Film.
  • Term 4 Talk about holiday plans, make bookings, and talk about the weather. Preparation for Controlled Assessment Writing – A Previous Holiday.
  • Terms 5 and 6 Talk about your school and daily routine. Preparation for Controlled Assessment Speaking – My School. Consolidation of the year and preparation for end-of-year exams.

Scheme of Work Summary: Year 10

  • Term 1 Revision of Year 9 topics. Talk about jobs and future plans.
  • Term 2 Talk about environmental problems. Prepare for Controlled Assessment Writing – My Local Environment.
  • Term 3 Talk about your lifestyle and how healthy you are.
  • Terms 4 and 5 Revision and preparation for final exams of Listening (20%) and Reading (20%)

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