Media studies

Year 9

In Year 9 Media Studies we introduce students to a variety of different types of Media. The first term is spent familiarising students with what Media is and the place it has in our society, as well as looking at different Media Terminology needed for coursework.

During the rest of Year 9, students spend their time being introduced to three specific areas of Media and produce coursework based on these. Students can expect to do Coursework in Print, Advertising and Marketing and Analysing Film/TV.

This is a two year course and leads to an examination at the end of Year 10.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 - Introduction to the Media
  • Term 2 – DVD analysis
  • Term 3 - Print
  • Term 4 – Advertising and Print
  • Term 5 - Exam Preparation – TV Game Shows
  • Term 6 - Controlled Assessment

Year 10

In Year 10 students will be focussing on the Gaming Industry and how this is produced and advertised. They will take what they have learnt from their coursework and use this to prepare for their Gaming Exam in the summer.

Scheme of Work Summary: Continuation of GCSE Units

  • Unit 1 - Investigating the Media
  • Unit 2 - Understanding the Media

Year 12

Students follow the AQA A Level Media Studies Specification. Students are introduced to the key media concepts and how these influence each other and society.

For coursework, students exercise their own creative abilities to produce and evaluate their own media products which have to meet the requirements of a given brief.

Scheme of Work Summary: 

  • Term 1 - Introduction to AS Media – The Key Concepts
  • Term 2 - Investigating Media Forms and Introduction to Coursework
  • Term 3 - Cross Media Study and Coursework
  • Term 4 - Exam Preparation and Coursework Editing
  • Term 5 - Exam Preparation
  • Term 6 - Introduction to A2 Media


Year 13

The A2 Media course builds on the skills developed at AS. Using their knowledge of the media they complete two individual case studies as well as following their own specific media interests by carrying out a Critical Investigation. Again they have the opportunity to apply this knowledge of how media works and is created through their own production work.

  • Term 1 - Case Study – New Media and Introduction to Coursework
  • Term 2 - Individual Case Study and Critical Investigation
  • Term 3 – Identities and the Media and Linked Production Piece
  • Term 4 - Exam Preparation and Coursework Editing
  • Term 5 - Exam Preparation

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