Media studies

Year 11 Students follow the AQA GCSE  Level Media Studies Specification.

In Year 11 students will study Television drama alongside key media concepts in preparation of their examination.

Scheme of Work Summary: 

  • Term 1            Unit 1 - Investigating the Media – examination coverage
  • Term 2-4         Unit 2 Understanding the Media – controlled assessment portfolio
  • Term 5             Exam preparation

Year 13

Students follow the AQA A Level Media Studies Specification. Students consolidate knowledge of key media concepts,  studying these within a wider context.

Using their knowledge of the media they complete two individual case studies as well as following their own specific media interests by carrying out a Critical Investigation. Again they have the opportunity to apply this knowledge of how media works and is created through their own production work.

  • Term 1 - Case Study – New Media and Introduction to Coursework
  • Term 2 - Individual Case Study and Critical Investigation
  • Term 3 – Identities and the Media and Linked Production Piece
  • Term 4 - Exam Preparation and Critical Investigation
  • Term 5 - Exam Preparation

Useful Websites - Media Studies