Exploring Engineering at MEP Ltd

On Monday 16 January Mr Smout took several of his year 12 and year 13 Engineering students on a factory visit to MEP Ltd in Aylesford for a tour and talk.

MEP are experts in plastics moulding, machining of metal and plastics having two sites in Aylesford, employing 64 people. www.mep.co.uk

We were welcomed by MEP’s director, Phil Hart who explained that MEP produces many vital parts that are predominantly used in for Aerospace and Defence.  We were taken on a tour and saw how these parts are precision engineered to very high tolerances and learnt that some of the materials are more expensive than gold. Mr Hart explained that the equipment and skills of his workforce are so good that they have been awarded the highest quality certification.

The students were impressed with the array of machines, the complexity of some of the processes and the attention of detail by the workers. This has made them appreciate what goes in to making products that we take for granted. It has broadened their view on the possibilities in Engineering and a potential role they can play.

If you can introduce us to another company, then can you please email me? robin.smout@holmesdale.kent.sch.uk

Mr R. Smout

Teacher of Engineering

Return Jan 19, 2017