Sixth Form Attendance

Not a lot needs to be said about the importance of attendance. Your interaction with teachers and fellow students is key to your success. You must be on time and attend all timetabled lessons, including morning tutorial. This is part of your commitment to your place in Sixth Form.

If there are issues beyond your control that prevent you from attending lessons (on-time), then speak with your tutor is the first instance.

When must you attend?

  • You must be in school from 08:50 - 13:35 (end of period 4), or until 15:05 if you have a lesson period 5.
  • You must attend a scheduled meeting with your tutor once per fortnight at 15:05.
  • If you have a lesson period 5 then you can leave the school site during lunch, but not before.
  • If you have no lessons before period 4 or 5 then you use those periods for independent study in subject areas, the Library or in the Study Room (TG6)
  • No-one leaves during break.


This means that you cannot schedule things like driving lessons or job interviews before at least 13:35. You can schedule medical/dental appointments during non-timetabled periods. We ask you to inform the attendance office ( and your tutor before the event. Please obtain an EXEAT slip from the Head of Sixth Form to hand into reception so that you can leave the site. You must ensure that you are on time for morning tutorial so you must make suitable travel arrangement and not be late due to shared rides or having to take a younger sibling to school.

Should we have concerns about your attendance then we will discuss this with you and where needed follow up with interventions. Please approach your tutor with any issues before we have to raise concerns with you.

Illness & injury

Everyone can fall ill from time-to-time and may miss school. For example, where you 'pick-up a bug'. These usually last a short time and can be easily remedied. For some, it may be tempting to exaggerate the severity and call in sick too easily. Please don't. Also, please adopt sensible sleeping hours and patterns and consume the right (amount of) food and drink to support steady energy levels and concentration. Because of your wellbeing, we would discuss any such concerns with you and your parents.

If you have an underlying medical/psychological/emotion condition that prevents you from attending regularly or performing in lessons as expected then please let the Head of Sixth Form know and we will try to accommodate you. We would expect a declaration from a relevant source for our records.

If you cannot attend because you are ill then you must ring the school before 08:30 and leave a message for the attendance officer. You yourself must ring, not a parent or boy- /girlfriend. If you feel sick in the evening then wait how you feel in the morning before ringing.

If you are ill/injured for five or more consecutive school days then you must speak with the Head of Sixth Form over the phone and upon your return bring in a declaration from your GP to attest that the absences were due to genuine medical reasons. This evidence will be kept in our record.

If you are injured or ill but still able to work from home then please contact your teachers/tutor to provide you with suitable work.

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