Key Stage 3 Music Curriculum Intent

Our core purpose at KS3 is to deliver an engaging and challenging curriculum through outstanding teaching and learning. We aim to make our students 'BTEC ready' by the end of Year 9 and to make them confident and responsible members of the school and wider community. The sequencing of the curriculum enables students to build on their knowledge and skills towards agreed end points. Each lesson requires students to listen, perform and evaluate through embedding a wide range of musical experiences. They are encouraged to make independent decisions and be resilient in creativity and giving and accepting feedback. As a department we feel very strongly about developing students' love for music and creating an atmosphere where students can learn through performance, listening and research. Instrumental lessons and choir opportunities enhance both their performance and understanding of the varied aspects of music. There will be a real "buzz" in the air as you walk into a KS3 lesson and students will be given every opportunity to develop their resourcefulness, resilience, and reflectiveness. Lessons are delivered from the piano giving practical and listening experiences which is reflected in the enjoyment of both teacher and students.

Our KS3 curriculum provides pupils with enough breadth and depth to allow them to become successful musicians. All Key Stage 3 students will cover basic music notation, keyboard skills, rhythmic composition and reading, music elements and instrumental groupings as well as introductions to various musical genres from “classical” to pop and rock. A performance-based and knowledge assessment will take place at the end of each term to understand where the students are in terms of their confidence, communication, teamwork, knowledge of skills, appreciation and composing.  

Key Stage 3 – Music Overview