Pastoral Care

Each Key stage is led by a Head of Key stage who is an Assistant headteacher. They are supported by a Student Support Manager with a designated learning leader for each year group. Together the year group pastoral team monitors the students’ progress, behaviour, attendance and well-being and supports each student to achieve his/her potential. This team are responsible for the day to day pastoral care, encouragement and guidance for their students.

  • For this reason, the Student support manager is the first point of contact between home and school.

As students move into year 10, they graduate into the upper school and meet their new Key stage and year group team, Student Support Manager and Learning Leader. This happens during the summer term of year 9 to avoid any nervousness over the summer holidays.

During year 11, students join the specialist team of pastoral and learning support who will guide and support them through the next transition for their education.

The 6th form also have a specialist team, led by a Head of 6th form who engage with students through the induction process, further develop A level study skills and help guide them onto their next pathway.


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