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If you have any questions about the transition process which are not answered below, please contact:

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Transition Days - 7th & 8th July - Read More
Summer School - 25th, 26th & 27th July - Read More
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Welcome Year 6

Welcome to The Holmesdale School and thank you for visiting our transition page. Our aim is to create a thriving learning community, where both students and staff are ambitious, determined and resilient in their journey through the school and beyond.

We provide a high quality, ambitious curriculum which ensures students are independent, resilient and suitably equipped for lifelong learning. We achieve this through celebrating personal excellence on each individual's unique learning journey.

Mr Glenn Prebble NPQH
Head of School

Students are encouraged to work to the best of their ability, to reflect upon and improve their work and achievements, and become involved with the school and local community.

We work closely with the Swale Academies Trust, which enables our staff and students to access best practice across many excellent schools in both Kent and East Sussex. As well as extensive training opportunities, there are a number of events and competitions throughout the year that our students are involved in.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school in September.


Mr Naylor, Learning Leader - Key Stage 3

Hello! I'm Mr Naylor and I am the Learning Leader for Key Stage 3 and I am also the Head of Modern Languages here at The Holmesdale School. I've been here for three years and previously taught elsewhere for 8 and a half years.

My role as Learning Leader is to ensure you progress in all your subjects across the school. I speak to your subject teachers about the work you are doing to identify ways for you to progress further. I work closely with Mrs Adams and the Assistant Headteacher for KS3.

I look forward to seeing you soon and working with you through your Key Stage 3 years.


Mrs Adams, Student Support Manager (SSM) Year 7

I'm Mrs Adams, the Student Support Manager for Year 7 at The Holmesdale School. This is my 7th year here, and I previously spent 7 years working in Primary school.

My role is to help you settle into life at Holmesdale as quickly and smoothly as possible. I'm here to help you with any worries or problems that you may have. I believe there is no problem that we cannot resolve if we all work together.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you in September.




Please note that we operate a strict no jewellery policy. Any students found to be wearing jewellery will have the item confiscated and a parent/carer will have to collect the items from reception.


Here at The Holmesdale School our students take pride in their uniform and are always smartly dressed, correctly equipped for each lesson and ready to learn. You can find a list of the required uniform and PE kit below. School uniform can be purchased from Pages School Wear. Please click below to purchase uniform.




All students must be equipped with following items:

pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, calculator, sharpener, scientific calculator and school bag.


Transition Days - 7th & 8th July

All students coming to us in September are invited to take part in our Transition Days on the dates above. Students will need to be dropped off at 9am and picked up at 3pm and wear their normal school uniform. They will be introduced to key staff, get to know the school and take part in lessons.

In the evening of Thursday 7th July there will be a presentation from key staff. This will start at 6pm and will finish by 7pm. There will be opportunities to ask any questions at the end of the presentation.

For the Friday students must bring their PE kits as they will be having outside activities in the afternoon.

Pages School Wear will be on site on the Friday at 3pm for you to be able to buy any more items of uniform that are needed. You will also be able to speak to key members of staff if you still have any questions.


Summer School - 25th, 26th & 27th July

Our summer school is available to all students coming to us in September. The dates have been confirmed as the 25th, 26th and 27th July and we are in the process of arranging the activities. Please keep an eye out for any updates to this page as we will update once we know more.

If you have not yet signed up for Summer School and would like your child to attend, please email with your child's name.